What To Consider When Choosing Deck Protection

What To Consider When Choosing Deck Protection


Deck protection is an integral part to general deck care. Decking is considerably easy to maintain and can survive all weathers. Here at The London Decking Company, we provide our customers with decks that are known for their longevity and tenacity. To help you preserve the stunning appeal of any deck,The London Decking Company have complied a list of things to consider when deciding on deck protection. What are the requirements of your deck? First, you should determine what you ideally would like to do to help protect your deck. Are you a first-time deck owner looking to sustain the beauty of a newly installed deck? Or are you wishing to revive a deck that is looking tired due to years of extensive use? Once you have honed in on your exact requirements, it is time to begin looking at the deck itself. What type of wood is your decking? Be sure to find out whether your deck is made from hardwood or softwood, as this will affect how you choose your deck protection. Hardwood decks are generally slightly lower maintenance, due to their water repellant properties and the strength of the wood. If you are an owner of a hardwood deck, a great way to preserve its charm is to sweep the decking free from dirt regularly and give the wood a gentle clean once a year around spring time. Softwood, however, will need to be stained or sealed once a year, in order to create a water repellant surface to dissuade the growth of mould and rot. For further information about the choice between hardwood and softwood decking, ensure that you have a look at our previous blog post. https://www.londondeckingcompany.co.uk/news-detail.php?s=how-to-choose-between-hardwood-and-softwood-decking Stain, oil or protector? That is the question most deck owners will ask upon reaching the decking aisle at any DIY store. If you are looking to repaint your deck to revive the colour and wish for the added benefits of a deck protector, a stain will be the ideal solution. Most stains available on the market offer waterproofing and toughness alongside the staining properties. Oils, on the other hand, simply enhance the natural look that arrives with the deck installation, adding a layer of protection without additional colour. Ensure that you purchase an oil that is waterproof, such as teak oil. Finally, decking protector is a cost-effective way to conserve your deck from the long-term effects of rain and sun, such as splitting or rotting. All three options will work wonders with your London Decking deck, rejuvenating and restoring your deck to its full glory. If you’d like to speak to somebody about your decking needs today, call 0208 200 0882 for friendly and helpful advice from one of our team members.

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