Ways to Protect Your Deck During the Wet and Windy Weather

Ways to Protect Your Deck During the Wet and Windy Weather


Your deck has been a trusted companion throughout the summer months, providing space for barbeques and parties and allowing for the whole family to gather together in the warm evening weather. However, now that we move into autumn, you need to be there for your deck. Harsh winds and rain will soon come. The London Decking Company have outlined a few things you can do to help protect your deck through the late part of the year. Protect your Deck with Sealant Although a little rain should not harm your deck, heavy downpours on unsealed decks will eventually cause wear, no matter the quality of wood. If you’re not sure how well your deck is sealed, there’s any easy way to check. Do a water test simply using a glass of water. When your drop the water on the deck, you’re looking for whether to water beads, or if it instead soaks in. If the water doesn’t bead, then it’s a very good idea to purchase some sealer to protect your deck with. Watch for Effects of Temperature Changes Although in the UK we’re rarely subject to extreme shifts in temperature, we have had some extremely hot days recently and winter is coming. Rapid or severe changes in temperature can warp and split your wood as it expands and contracts in the heat and cold. Inspect your deck for any shifts in the board, if some of the boards have risen at all, and whether nails are popping up. If you notice these signs, you deck may be in need of repair. You can speak to us here at The London Decking Company on 020 8200 0882 if you believe this may be the case. Keep Up with Cleaning Now that you may not be out on your deck quite as much, it’s easy to let basic maintenance and cleaning slip. However, we’d urge you to keep up with the routine of sweeping your deck regularly. Autumn brings with it all sorts of debris. Not only are the leaves falling, but the high winds will whip all manner of things around your garden and it’s easy for them to get trapped on your deck. Leaves, twigs, and other debris can quickly become wet and create a mulch layer, which, if left, will cause harm to your deck. Routine sweeping and general maintenance will ensure that you’re doing all you can to protect your deck through the chillier months. If you’re not sure whether your deck is in need of repair or replacement, speak with The London Decking Company today; with over 17 years of experience, we’re here to answer all of your decking related questions on 020 8200 0882.

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