Which type of hardwood decking in London is best for you?

Which type of hardwood decking in London is best for you?
If you're looking into creating an area of garden decking, London homeowners have a lot of choices. If you're already sure that you'd rather have hardwood as opposed to composite or softwood decking, then the next big decision has arrived: which type of wood do you use? Garden decking London: your hardwood options There are a lot of choices out there, but when it comes to garden decking in London homes, The London Decking Company has a few suggestions that we're sure will look spectacular in your revamped garden. Balau: for good looks Balau is consistently used by designers and architects thanks to its strikingly colourful appearance. When it comes to its use in garden decking, London properties benefit from the warm wooden honey tones that brighten up grey British days. Balau is ideal for homeowners that want to prioritise colour in their garden designs, as the wood has a mixture of rich brown, red tones and golden brown that fuse together and complement an array of flora and fauna. But balau wood isn't just about looks: it's hard-wearing, too. Ipe: for durability Ipe hardwood is an ideal choice for garden decking. London garden owners will appreciate its hardiness, as it's known for being hard-wearing, so despite its initial cost, it is a worthwhile investment that can be expected to last for decades. This is a particularly good choice for homes with children and/or pets like dogs, as there's no risk of damage to your decking from a bit of activity. In addition, ipe hardwood is known for resisting decay, making it a relatively low-maintenance option for your home. Garapa: for both Garapa largely matches ipe in terms of its durability, if not being only very slightly less sturdy. Especially as The London Decking Company's garapa is kiln dried, there is little chance of the hardwood warping. Garapa also shines in its colouration: largely much lighter than balau, garapa leans towards sunnier, honey wooden tones that look exceptional on a summer's day. Garapa is more versatile texturally too, as it's smooth on either side, allowing you to select your preferred side when fitting your decking. Ultimately all three hardwood decking choices work for garden decking, and London garden owners will appreciate the durability of each. As long as it's hard-wearing, it's up to you to select which hardwood best complements your garden's colour palette and suits the activity level of your household. Don't hesitate to contact The London Decking Company today for more advice.

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