How to Stain Your Deck

How to Stain Your Deck


It seems like staining a deck can be a real challenge when carrying out a DIY project for yourself. This is why The London Decking Company has created a useful guide on ways to stain your deck in the right manner. We want to help you from start to finish, to ensure that you have the perfect decking view. Spend Time With each aspect of the staining process, it is important to take your time no matter how small it is. It is always a good idea to leave your deck to interact with the weather for a few months to let it dry out before staining it. You can also leave stripes of stain on the surface of your deck to break down any old finishes before washing it away. Always carry out these tasks slowly to ensure that there are no over spills or sprays on unwanted areas. It is always best to check the weather before staining your deck. Prepare Preparation is an important aspect of the staining process whether you are staining a new deck or older deck. With older decks, direct, old stains and mildew need to be removed first before applying new stain. With a new deck, the mill scale needs to be removed. If it is left un-removed, then wood stains cannot penetrate into the wood pores. Rinse Unwanted Chemicals It is important to get rid of all chemicals that you have used to clean your deck, by simply pouring warm water on your deck. Sometimes chemicals that are left in the wood can resurface again over a period of time, and start to break down any new stain that has been added. Add Shine It is important to achieve the perfect finishing touch after staining your deck, and so use polished products that are specifically tailored for wood decks. Finishing products will help to replenish your deck boards, making it look fresh as though it was stained on the day. Be sure to spray, rather than scrub when using finishing products. Read The Label  It is important to read the label of your stain product since every product differs in terms of application, time, and much more. Check how many coats of stain are needed and for how long you should leave it on. By reading the label, you are less likely to make any mistakes when staining your deck. Choose Quality Stain It is significant to purchase the finest quality staining products in comparison to cheaper products. Although the high quality staining products will be more expensive, it will have better ingredients. There are a lot of features that differ in products, such as pigments, resins, and much more.

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