Garden Decking Trends for 2016

Garden Decking Trends for 2016


People are constantly seeking to make their garden’s more individual, whilst keeping up with current trends and fashions. Whether you achieve this through the material that is used, the style that you opt for, or the way that you decorate your decking, we can point you in the right direction of the current trends to get your garden looking stunning. Curves Curves can help make smaller spaces appear and feel larger, as the space is less clearly defined. It leads neatly into the wider garden area, providing a better and more aesthetically pleasing link between lawns, flowerbeds, and the house. Multi Level Decking To add additional textures and layering, consider a multi-level deck. With two or three sections of a deck, and little steps leading between the levels, the variation in height adds interest as well as making the area appear much bigger than it actually is. Natural Colours Natural colours are still very much on trend. Whether you choose a rich dark brown, soft browns, or golden autumn yellows, your deck will be right on trend. There is an apparent trend that is appearing, which is where decking owners choose two tones for their decking. This frequently includes having a darker colour for the floor area, with a lighter shade incorporated in. This can be a lighter hand rail, or a feature area of the decking. Temporary Lighting Temporary lighting is becoming more and more popular, compared to fixed lighting solutions. It is cheaper, as well as offering decking owners flexibility when it comes to moving lighting around to suit the time of year. Solar powered lights are extremely popular with decking owners, as they charge up during the day and do not need to be wired in. A fantastic option for environmentally conscious home owners.

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