How To Create Non-Slip Timber Decking

How To Create Non-Slip Timber Decking
Wooden garden decking is durable and pretty easy to maintain. However, just like decking composite, wooden decking can become slippery when the weather is wet. Fortunately, non-slip decking is relatively easy to achieve.

Non-slip decking – what causes the problem?

The main reason for timber decking becoming slippery is the growth of mosses, mildew, and algae. During dry weather, these potential dangers go unnoticed, but as soon as the weather turns and it rains, your deck can become very slippery.

Creating non-slip decking

The best way to keep your decking area non-slip is to keep it clean. During the summer months, take time once a week to sweep the deck with a stiff brush to get rid of any loose dust and debris. This keeps your garden decking looking smart and also removes any flora that might be trying to colonise the wooden planks. Moss and algae thrive in a low pH environment, and by elevating the pH you will kill off any existing plants and also discourage any windborne spores from germinating. To do this make-up a solution of washing-up liquid and warm water and use it to scrub the clean deck surface. Rinse the decking thoroughly and allow it to dry. Now make-up a solution of warm water and baking soda and put it into a large garden sprayer. Spray the decking generously and allow it to activate for 15 minutes or so, before rinsing the deck again with clean water.

Maintaining non-slip decking

Keep your decking non-slip by removing all overhanging vegetation or tree branches that could create damp, dark areas on the decking. You can replace natural shade providers with a shade sail that can be removed a couple of days each week to allow the sun to penetrate the wood and kill off moss and algae. If your garden decking has an access ramp or steps, or if you have a garden decking path, you may want to think about having abrasive strips fitted to keep the whole area non-slip during wet weather.

In conclusion

It’s quite easy to make your decking non-slip by following the tips given above. For more information and guidance on how to ensure that your garden decking area is safe and non-slip all year round, contact our helpful team of experts

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