At The London Decking Company we can’t be beaten when it comes to designing and installing tailor made garden decking in Westminster. Garden decking is a stylish way to add functionality and aesthetic appeal to your garden or outside space. Our expert team specialise in creating luxury bespoke deigns that perfectly compliment your property and fall within your budget. We have a wide range of tropical hardwoods, softwoods, and composite choices available depending on your needs and your taste, and we are proudly manufacturer approved by both Millboard and Exterpark. We undertake projects of any size, from paths and walkways to rooftop terraces and everything in between. We personally manage every aspect of your design and installation so there’s no need for outside contractors, meaning we can ensure all work done on your property meets our own impeccable quality standards.
Garden Decking Westminster

Cambridge style – 25 x 100mm. Dual sided, one smooth face and one reeded.

Decking Westminster

Canterbury style - 32 x 150mm. Dual sided, one smooth face and one grooved.

Cambridge Softwood Decking London

Winchester style - 32 x 150mm. Dual sided, one grooved face and one reeded, protruding.

Cambridge Softwood Decking Westminster

York style - 38 x 125mm. Dual sided, one smooth face and one grooved.

The Perfect Decking For Your Garden

No two properties are alike and neither are any two garden decks. We work closely with you from your initial free consultation and land survey right through to the completed installation to ensure your decking exceeds your expectation. We supply you with free CAD design drawings before work begins so you know how your finished deck will look and you can make any adjustments you feel are necessary. We believe in giving our clients, both domestic and commercial, the ‘wow’ factor, which is why we are also able to install extra special features such as hidden lighting into your garden deck. We’ve been working throughout Westminster since 1997 and over the years have built up a fantastic reputation thanks to our ideals of quality workmanship and stellar customer service. We have 4 locations in and around London if you want to come and speak to us directly, or you can call us on 00 8200 0882 to discuss your decking dreams today.   Hardwood Decking Westminster Displayed above; Ipe decking project in Hertfordshire incorporating hidden fixings and profiled decking boards.